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H-Great production process

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With the gradual development of LED lighting fixtures, LED has gradually replaced some traditional light source products in public places such as lighting engineering assistance. In 2009, LED began to enter the popularization of main lighting in developed countries. In commercial applications where electricity costs are high and the use time is long, LED lamps have quickly become the new darling of the market. The quality of LED lamps is closely related to LED lamp beads, so how to choose good LED lamp beads?

    Below h-great takes everyone to understand the production process of h-great. The LED chip production process includes two aspects, one is epitaxial wafer growth, and the other is chip production. The LED epitaxial wafer growth technology mainly adopts the epitaxial wafer with semiconductor light-emitting characteristics produced by the method of organometallic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD). The epitaxial wafer is the raw material for manufacturing the LED chip. The following figure shows the production process of the epitaxial wafer with a sapphire substrate: 


    The LED chip is manufactured using epitaxial wafers. The chip is a device that provides LED lamp bead packaging. It is the prerequisite for the quality of the LED lamp bead. The following figure shows the production process of the LED chip:


    The packaging of LED lamp beads is the manufacturing process of encapsulating the chip on the corresponding bracket according to the application requirements of the LED lamp beads. LED packaging determines the cost performance of the LED lamp beads, which is a key link in the quality of the LED lamp beads. The following figure shows the LED lamp bead packaging process :


    From the above LED production process, it can be seen that the LED manufacturing process is complex and the technical content is high. In the whole process, as long as one link fails, the LED lamp beads will lose quality and performance.
    H-Great focuses on high-end LED devices, and its products are mainly used in plant lighting, industrial lighting, automotive lighting and other fields. Since its establishment, the company has focused on product research and development and has long-term leadership in product performance. It has always been a leader in the field of high-efficiency LEDs. H-Great regards R&D as the driving force to continuously meet and exceed customer needs and expectations and promote the development of the company. The company concentrates on research and has successively obtained dozens of inventions, patents and software copyright certificates.

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    For answers to questions about how to choose LED lamp beads and more information about plant growth light technology, please visit our website or click here to talk to one of our plant growth light technology experts.


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