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How to use 730nm and UV LED correctly during the growth of hemp?

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    With the improvement of plant growth lamp light distribution technology, growers are no longer satisfied with the traditional white light and red light combination, but also pursue a more perfect plant spectrum. At this time, we are usually required to install infrared light and UVA on the plant light. So what effect do these two kinds of light have on the growth of cannabis? How to use these two lights correctly?

    First of all, let's talk about the role and use skills of UVA. UVA is the phototaxis response curve of plants, which can stimulate anthocyanins and improve the quality of cannabis. For cannabis plant lights, UVA plays a role in assisting the improvement. have to be aware of is,It can only be used for light crops one week before flowering,This stimulates anthocyanins and improves the quality of hemp. In the design of plant lights,Special attention should bepaid to UVA lamp beads that cannot be mixed with other white light or red light modules. UVA must be installed on the plant lamp as a separate lamp board.Because ultraviolet light will decompose organic matter, if the UVA lamp beads are too close to other lamp beads, it will crack the brackets and glue of the white light and red light, greatly shortening the service life.

    After talking about the role and use skills of UVA, what is the role of 730nm far-red light? How to use it correctly?

    In bright sunlight, cannabis plants tend to be relatively short, because direct sunlight usually has more red light than far red, and plants respond to this ratio. Therefore, if the plant gets more light at 660nm than 730nm, the stem tends to be shorter and the plant will grow many nodes with shorter stems.

    On the other hand, if the plant gets more light at 730 nm than at 660 nm, it will become tall and flexible. This is because in the wild, when plants are surrounded by many vegetation, the surrounding leaves will absorb a lot of red light. Therefore, no matter what light is filtered into hidden plants or stems, the proportion of far red is higher.

    In response to the high level of far-red light, the stem will begin to elongate and grow taller, because the plant is extending "toward" the light until its ratio to red increases and it "feels" that it is in direct sunlight again. If the plant is surrounded by greenery, it will begin to feel a higher proportion of far-red light and begin to "stretch" upwards until it passes through other vegetation and obtains a better quality of light.

    Therefore, we can know thatThe function of far-red light is to directly irradiate the stem of cannabis,The far-red light is the main part of the spectrum absorbed by the stem. Usually, the ratio of red light and far-red lamp beads of the same power in the plant lamp is 5:1. A proper amount of far-red light can make the stem of cannabis grow higher and more elastic. /strong>, on the one hand, it is conducive to the growth of plants, on the other hand, it also allows the plants to have space to open more flower buds and increase the harvest.

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