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High Power LED Chips

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    When producing high-power LED lamp beads and LED lighting fixtures, what needs to be understood is the technical analysis of LED chip packaging, so today H-Grea will introduce you to the function, purpose and necessity of LED packaging, and then about The main two genre structures are introduced, let's take a look at the detailed content introduction.

    1. The role of LED packaging
    Regarding LED packaging technology, most of them are improved and developed on the basis of semiconductor separation device packaging technology. It can also be said that semiconductor separation device packaging technology has evolved into today’s LED packaging. The diode die is sealed in the packaging container. The main function is to protect the chip and complete the interconnection of the electrical structure. Now we are developing higher-quality LED light source products. Then this packaging technology is an important strength for us to go to the market. We at H-Great are working hard, only to provide customers with higher quality products. 

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  2.The purpose of LED packaging
    We can think of the meaning of the word package, which is to seal the chip in a container, in order to protect its airtightness, in addition to protecting the light source from the surrounding environment, such as the surrounding air humidity and temperature The purpose of encapsulation is mainly 4 points:
    (1) It can be prevented from being affected by external factors such as humidity;
    (2) Able to effectively discharge heat;
    (3) The wire connection can be made mechanically;

    (4) Can provide special shapes such as handheld.   
3.The necessity of LED packaging
    I believe that all friends in this industry should know that the LED chip is a small solid, especially its two electrodes, which need to be seen clearly under a microscope. The chip will emit bright light after adding current. During the production process, the LED chip and the two electrodes need to be importantly protected, and precise welding of the two electrodes is required. In the entire production process, strict inspections and standardized operations are required. Only in this way can they be produced. The quality of the product that the customer needs.

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4.Introduction to the structure of two genres of LED chips
    LED chip genre structures are mainly divided into two types, namely, formal mounting and flip-chip mounting. Formal mounting chips are a structure that appeared in the early days, and it is also one of our more common ones. The structure is relatively simple to change, but the production techniques are more mature. Flip-chip is a popular microelectronic packaging technology. The size can be smaller and the density can reach a higher standard. It also has a great breakthrough in the heat dissipation function, which improves the life of the chip.

    The above is the introduction of LED chip packaging technology analysis and two chip structures. Now LED light source products are developing rapidly and are going to every corner of people's lives. H-Great will never disappoint everyone's trust and adhere to its service tenet. And mission, to provide each customer with higher-quality LED lamp bead lighting products, and to deliver high-quality products to your hands is our promise to you, and it is also our H-Great mission.


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