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Is there a better plant lighting white light medium power device in China than Samsung LM301H?

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As we all know, in China and the world, the best white light mid-power device for plant lighting is the LM301H series released by Samsung on April 23, 2019, but is this really the case? Does China have no better white light mid-power devices for plant lighting than Samsung LM301H?

    On April 23, 2019, Samsung Electronics, the world's leading provider of semiconductor device solutions, announced the launch of the industry-leading enhanced plant full-spectrum mid-power device-LM301H, which helps in greenhouse and plant factory applications. The new LM301H plant device can provide a photon efficiency of up to 3.10 μmol/J, which is the top of the current medium-power white light LED devices. However, there are products in China that can be compared with Samsung's LM301H series.


    The enhanced LM301H has higher photon efficiency. Compared with similar devices in the previous version, the plant lamp manufacturer can reduce device consumption by about 30% in each lamp to obtain the same efficiency level, and the design of the lamp is also It can be smaller and lighter, thereby reducing manufacturing and transportation costs. If the same number of devices are used, the photon efficiency of the lamps can be increased by at least 4%, thereby enabling plant factories to reduce energy consumption.


    However, in the second half of 2019, a Chinese packaging company (Huahao Weiye H-GREAT) also launched and mass-produced a unique white light series of plant lighting-S30A, this series is dedicated to serving plant lighting greenhouses and plant engineering, etc. Domestic and foreign manufacturers and growers provide more cost-effective and better choices.

    The following are the specifications and comparative test data of H-GREAT's S30A series:


     S30A Series Specification

   So our topic discussion today also got the result. Does China have a better white light medium power device for plant lighting than Samsung LM301H? have! The S30A white light series of Huahao Albert H-GREAT can completely replace the LM301H, including the special equivalent design on the pad, which makes it more convenient for the device to dissipate heat.


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